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**Celebrate Earth Day**
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Urban Gardening
a kitchen device the earth wants you to get

ecochute is the complete kitchen food waste solution


ecochute lets you remove food waste from your kitchen in one easy step - directly from your countertop - and store it in a secured outside container, out of reach of critters and pests

Whether eventually taking it to your yard compost or to the curbside for pick up, ecochute makes the whole process - cleaner - easier - greener

..and as for fruit flies ... no doubt that within our complex ecosystem they are very important - they just don't need to be in the kitchen!

​Say bye-bye to fruit flies with ecochute.

eco web pic 10.jpg

Save on countless trips to the recycle bin. That small container in your kitchen really fills up quickly, doesn't it?

Tiny Green Plants

Watch your food scraps become black gold - right before your eyes (well actually it does take a couple of months).

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