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....meanwhile... on the other side of the wall...

ecochute's exterior housing is where the kitchen food waste is stored until taken to the compost or curbside
contained and secure

the vented exterior housing is critter proof and catches and stores the  food waste until you are ready to take to the compost or curbside for pick-up

simple, clean and efficient food recycling

the complete ecochute system is designed to make managing food waste simple, clean, and efficient and to promote food waste composting and recycling - the ecochute system is also powered independently - off the grid -  with no power required from the home

...powered by the sun

ecochute's solar panel provides power for the exhaust fan with an automatic timer which helps remove odors and stops them getting into your kitchen - it also provides power to the LED lights - the solar controller unit even has USB's for use if you lose power in your home! 

Eco - new exterior night pic.jpg
Eco - New Exterior Housing Labelled Pic.jpg
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