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Ecochute Complete Package Includes:

  • Ecochute Drawer, Drawer Face, Chute
  • Exterior Solar Panel, 12v Solar Battery, Solar Controller with USB Ports, Exhaust & Ventilation Fan, Automatic Programmable Fan Timer, LED Lights (2)
  • Exterior Housing with lid, door and food waste container
  • Full Installation Instructions and Video's
  • Does Not Include Installation - Installation requires a skilled 'Do It Yourselfer' handyman or  Contractor

ecochute system - the complete package

SKU: 364215376135191
$1,385.00 Regular Price
$1,246.50Sale Price
Drawer Face
Exterior Housing
  • **To celebrate Earth Day we are taking 10% off all orders 4-19-24 until 5-28-24!!**



    *We are currently accepting orders to ship by mid-June 2024*

    The 'ecochute complete package' is everything you need to get starting to sustainably manage your households food waste. The durable and easy-to-clean surfaces make food waste management hygenic and odor free.

    The simple design makes removing food scrapes from the kitchen incredibly simple and quick. The quiet exhaust and ventilation fan, powered by the solar panel, keep the odors away and the friut flies at bay! The large container that holds the food waste in the exterior housing allows you to empty it at your own schedule, whether to the compost or to the curbside for recycling pick-up.

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