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  • How often should I empty my ecochute container?
    We recommend emptying the ecochute once a week or timing it with your curbside pick-up if you have that service. This will reduce its weight when taking to the compost or curbside and also help minimize the potential build-up of odors and flies over time attracted to the food waste.
  • Where is the switch for the exhaust fan?
    The exhaust fan is controlled by an automatic timer so no need to switch on or off – just program the timer to your preferred time. For best performance from the solar panels recharging the battery we recommend running the fan between the hours of 9am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest.
  • How should I clean the ecochute?
    Regular dish soap and water work great to clean your Ecochute. We recommend using and products with eco- friendly certifications. The chute and tray are used in marine environments and are more than capable of being exposed to water. Look for eco-friendly certifications - It’s important to be able to identify products that are truly eco-friendly—so start by reading the labels closely. Look for the following product certifications that verify environmentally safe practices and ingredients. EWG Verified: The product meets strict guidelines on health, eco-toxicity, or contamination. EcoLogo Certified: The product is biodegradable and has a reduced impact on the environment. Made Safe: The product is made without known toxic chemicals and is free of substances that harm human health or the environment. EPA Safer Choice: The product includes ingredients evaluated by EPA scientists to ensure it meets Safer Choice's stringent criteria.
  • Can I rinse the ecochute with water when disposing of food waste.
    You can certainly wash, rinse, and ‘flush’ your Ecochute as much as you want. The chute tray is sealed and made from exterior grade materials and capable of holding about an inch of water at the deepest part without spillage. Be aware however that the more water that is flushed into the 13 gallon container the heavier it will become when taking to the compost or curbside.
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